Every Can of SacredBev is a Living Tribute to Tribal Traditions.

Our Sacred Mission Of Giving Back To Tribal Communities.

Sacred Bev's Commitment to Collective Wellness.

Thriving Tribes, Thriving Spirits.

Join us on a journey of meaningful impact and shared growth. Sacred Bev, an embodiment of Native wisdom and holistic wellness, is dedicated to making a difference in Tribal Communities. Through community engagement and heartfelt charitable donations, we pave the way for the future development and prosperity of these sacred tribes.

Empowering Tribal Communities.

Be a Part of Our Sacred Journey.

At SacredBev, our journey towards collective wellness encompasses not just inner harmony but also a deep-rooted commitment to creating positive change in the world. We are honored to share with you our unwavering dedication to giving back, particularly to the vibrant Tribal Communities that have shaped our path and inspired our brand.

Celebrating Native Excellence.

The SacredBev Scholarship Program.

At SacredBev, we believe that every young scholar-athlete deserves the opportunity to flourish, unencumbered by financial obstacles. That's why we've partnered with Inter Tribal Sports (ITS) to create a scholarship program for exceptional Native American students with a passion for both academic achievement and athletics. Our scholarship goes beyond the financial support - it cherishes the essence of leadership, community engagement, and a deep commitment to uphold Native heritage. We are proud to invest in the younger tribal community, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.

Our mission goes beyond the playing field; to keep our children engaged in activities that are both fun and meaningful, allowing them to develop their athletic prowess while forming lifelong bonds of friendship.

ITS Connects Native Youth through Athletics.

Inter Tribal Sports (ITS) serves as a beautifully structured athletic program that embraces the shared journey of Native American youth from diverse tribes and communities, uniting their spirits through the joy of competition. Since 2002, ITS has been nurturing the hearts and minds of Native American youth in Southern California, creating a space for them to flourish in sports like basketball, flag football, soccer, and so much more.

Inter Tribal Sports (ITS)

Guided by the strength of our collective community, ITS stands tall as a testament to the power of unity and the profound impact of selfless giving. We are immensely grateful for every generous donation and the unwavering dedication of our volunteers.

We are honored to extend our support in every possible way. As stewards of a lifestyle rooted in harmony and health, we take immense pride in our role as a sponsor for the Annual ITS Golf Tournament. It's a remarkable golf tournament that plays a vital role in funding ITS, allowing our mission to flourish throughout the whole year.