Giving Back

Making A Difference in Tribal Communities

Sacred Bev Native Wellness, or Sacred Bev, maintains a strong commitment to community engagement and charitable donations aimed at fostering the future development of Tribal Communities.

  • Representatives from Pechanga, including Tribal Elder and Pechanga Development Corporation’s Andrew Maisel, Jr., on hand to support the ITS golf tournament fund raiser.

  • Founder and Owner Justin Quis Quis and his wife Sierra there to greet all golf tournament players with an ice-cold Sacred Bev.

    Founder and Owner Justin Quis Quis and his wife Sierra there to greet all golf tournament players with an ice-cold Sacred Bev.

Scholarship Program

Working with Inter Tribal Sports (ITS), we grant scholarships to exceptional Native American scholar-athletes to help with the cost of attending college. We believe that cost shouldn’t be a deterrent to higher learning and we want to invest in our younger tribal community now, so that our future generations can thrive as well. The scholarship goes beyond merely acknowledging academic excellence; it celebrates the essence of leadership, community engagement and a deep commitment to upholding Native heritage. Sacred Bev is proud to offer this scholarship and plans to continue partnering with ITS to provide help to build a brighter future for Tribal Communities.

  • Mr. Quis Quis presenting a $2,000 check to rising San Diego State University Sophomore Malaya Pojas. Ms.Pojas is a La Jolla Band of Luiseno Indians tribal member and she was the recipient of
    the 1st annual Sacred Bev Scholarship.

  • The Quis Quis family, Matthew, Justin and Sierra, along with ITS Executive Director Isaiah Thompson celebrating Malaya’s scholarship at SDSU’s Native Resource Center on campus.

Inter Tribal Sports (ITS)

Inter Tribal Sports (ITS) is a structured athletic program that connects Native American youth from different tribes and communities through competition. Since the fall of 2002, ITS has served Native American youth in Southern California from ages 4 - 17 and includes sports such as basketball, flag football, soccer and many others. The goal is to keep children productive through fun and positive activities while also developing athletic skills and forming friendships. This organization is 100% donation and volunteer based. Sacred Bev is wholeheartedly dedicated to providing all the assistance we can to support ITS, as demonstrated by our role in helping sponsor the Annual ITS Golf Tournament. In June 2023, it was held at the Tukwet Canyon Golf Club in Beaumont, CA - which is owned by the Morongo Band of Mission Indians. This golf event plays a vital role in funding ITS throughout the entire year.