Sacred Bev was founded by The Quis Quis family to honor its Native American roots and family's passion for homeopathic traditions and giving back to Tribal Communities. The name Quis Quis is derived from the word “Kwisiyai” which translates to “Shaman". So, embarking on a journey promoting specialty curated herbal beverages to provide nourishment and vitality only feels natural.

The Sacred Circle prominently featured in our logo represents all of us as a people living in harmony with one another. The Sacred Circle is represented by the colors black (physical), red (intellectual), yellow (emotional) and white (spiritual). To find that interconnectivity of one's being. you must achieve this equal balance to find the best in one's self.

Honoring our roots

Sacred Bev wouldn't be possible without the sacrifices of so many. American Indian culture honors our Elders and those that have come before us. Our organization wants to acknowledge our Parents, Grandparents, Relatives and Ancestors for installing the values of honoring Native Culture and Customs and making sure we pass those along to the next 7 Generations and our communities.

Certified Authentic Made By American Indians-Sacred Bev


Sacred Bev is honored and thrilled to be certified Authentic by the prestigious Intertribal Agricluture Council. This organization promotes the "Made/Produced by American Indians" trademark as a means to successfully and clearly identify American Indian made products. Through this unversal emblem, consumers are able to easily identify authentic American Indian produced goods.