Sharing the Gifts of Ancestral Wisdom.

SacredBev pays homage to the sacred traditions passed down through generations. We honor our Elders, Parents, and Ancestors, ensuring the legacy of Native Culture endures for the next 7 Generations and beyond. Together, we nurture our communities with respect and unity.

Sacred Roots: An Inspiring Journey.

At SacredBev, our rich heritage and unwavering commitment to giving back are integral to our mission of promoting collective wellness. Our founders, the Quis Quis family, embarked on a journey to honor their Native American roots and passion for homeopathic traditions. The name Quis Quis, derived from the word "Kwisiyai," which translates to "Shaman," pays homage to the ancestral wisdom and sacred knowledge passed down through generations.

Our founders' vision of creating specialty curated herbal beverages to provide nourishment and vitality was a natural extension of their commitment to promoting native wellness. The warm embrace of their community and the rejuvenating power of their elixirs soon led to the founding of SacredBev, a brand that weaves together the ancient wisdom of Native American principles with the modern health consciousness of mindful consumers seeking balance and community.

The Sacred Circle, prominently featured in our logo, symbolizes our collective connection as a people living in harmony with one another. The colors of the circle -- black (physical), red (intellectual), yellow (emotional), and white (spiritual) -- represent the pillars of one's being that must be balanced to achieve interconnectivity, harmony, and a sense of well-being.

We believe that by embracing our roots and our passion for wellness, we can empower others and create an effect of positivity and growth. Our commitment to giving back to Tribal Communities, promoting cultural appreciation, and supporting educational initiatives is a testament to our core values of unity, self-care, and shared experiences.

Our Sacred Mission.

To share and expand knowledge of Native American culture. At Sacred Bev, our goal is to increase awareness of Native American culture through unique beverages and truly novel herbal combinations that set us apart from others.

Together, Let Us Honor The Powerful Heritage Of American Indian Culture.

Join us on this harmonious journey of connection and collective wellness. Our certified authenticity symbolizes our commitment to providing you with elixirs that not only nourish your body but also awaken your spirit.

Certified Authentic Made By American Indians-Sacred Bev

Sacred Bev has been granted the treasured certification of Authenticity by the esteemed Intertribal Agriculture Council. This profound honor fills our hearts with joy and reaffirms our commitment to celebrating Native American heritage and nurturing the collective well-being of all.

The Intertribal Agriculture Council champions the powerful "Made/Produced by American Indians" trademark, illuminating a path towards a clearer, more genuine connection with Native American made products. This universal emblem serves as a guiding light, effortlessly guiding mindful consumers like yourself on a journey of conscious consumption and soulful choices.